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Location     None

From         14/02/2014 11.30

To              14/02/2014 12.30

Repeat      None

Show as      SLT Meeting

Invitees       Bunnykins from HR

                      Spanglypants from Finance

                      Chubbyfish from Logistics

                      Sausageman from IT

                      Piggleyhut  from Sales

Spanglypants enjoys his job. He is proud of the company that he works for, and has a pretty good relationship with his boss, who he knows respects his ability to get things done to a deadline. Spanglypants sometimes wishes that he was better able to inspire and motivate his team, and he would dearly love to have a closer working relationship with each of them….  a relationship like Bunnykins does with her team perhaps? Spanglypants likes his job, but he loves Bunnykins with all his heart.

Have you ever wondered how different things would be if we all decided to bring ‘the real us’ to work? How much better might we be able to connect with The Head of Credit Control if she was to let her wall down, just long enough for us to glimpse her through the eyes of her adoring children?

How much more effort would we put in for that dreadful, data-obsessed robot of a Sales Director if, for a fleeting moment, we were able to see him through the eyes of the woman who’s heart still skips a beat every time he looks at her, after all these years of marriage?

Would we feel any more aligned, or engaged, to our CEO if we knew that, just like us, he was deeply worried about his teenage son, who in turn was really struggling to live up to his father’s dreams and ambitions for him?

Fortunately for us all, we all know people who are confident and trusting, (or simply carefree) enough, to allow their ‘real selves’ to be seen at work. At a deep level we instinctively recognise these people as honest, and open, and authentic. Because they present no walls to protect themselves from hurt or disappointment, we find ourselves liking them and trusting them. We connect and interact with them person-to-person, as opposed to the usual corporate wall-on-wall positioning and power plays that we have all become so very good at. We unconsciously recognise that these people have a sense of self-esteem and self worth that is well balanced, and that they have no need to prove that they are better, or cleverer, or more successful than we are. Remarkably these people really do care about us, and about their relationship with us. These people make us feel safe, and we are truly drawn to them. And we call these people charismatic.

In his latest book ‘Leaders Eat Last’, Bestselling Author Simon Sinek, states “Truly human leadership protects an organisation from the internal rivalries that can shatter a culture.” He goes on to say “When we have to protect ourselves from each other, the whole organisation suffers.” Charismatic leaders understand the duty of care that they have for the lives and hopes and dreams of the people that work for them.

Bunnykins loves Spanglypants so much. This morning he woke her with coffee and croissants – and a dozen red roses. He presented her what she could only assume must have been the biggest card in Clintons, and tonight he has arranged for them to go up to The West End, to take in dinner and a show. He makes her feel safe, and loved, and important. She wishes that people at work could see how amazing he is.

Bunnykins had got into work especially early this morning. It was important that she was in well before her team. She glanced at her watch and saw that it was just before 8.00am and the first two would be in imminently. Bunnykins turned off the lights in the main office, and retreated into her glass box at the far end. She paused slightly to look back at the 22 desks that made up The Human Resources Team, each one of them with a single Red Rose standing in a champagne flute, and a small Heart Shaped Box of Thornton’s Chocolates next to it. She smiled. Bunnykins loved her team, and today, she thought, seemed like the perfect day to let them know that.

“Charisma is an authentic power that captivates

the hearts and minds of others.”

Nikki Owen

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