Recognise This! – HR is not a “soft science” department. Technology can help surface the information and intelligence CIOs require.

IBM issued their semi-regular report on insights from global CIOs, The Essential CIO. Packed with interesting insights into the changing focus and concerns of CIOs around the world, one chart in particular leapt out at me (see image; click to enlarge).

As the report pointed out:

    “CEOs increasingly rely on CIOs to turn data into usable information, information into intelligence, and intelligence into better decisions.”

Since “people skills” is also such a high priority for both CEOs and CIOs, I think it’s safe to assume that some of the intelligence CEOs are seeking from CIOs is relevant to the HR space. Commonly of interest to senior executives I meet with are:

    * How do we know we have the right people in the right jobs?
    * How quickly and accurately can we identify the people – across the organisation – best skilled in certain areas needed to achieve rapidly changing strategic objectives?
    * What are we doing/can we do to make sure we retain our top “star” performers?
    * Are we confident that we aren’t missing “hidden” power performers that simply aren’t surfacing through our current evaluation systems?

All of these and more can be answered if true intelligence is applied to strategic employee recognition programmes. Such programmes that encourage frequent and timely recognition by anyone to anyone for demonstration of company values (such as “Innovation”) or contribution to strategic objectives (such as “Redesign and Successful Launch of MacGuffin Product”) can quickly surface those who have most frequently demonstrated Innovation or ability to deliver products on time/on budget when those particular skills are again needed.

Such recognition also lets people know how important their efforts are within a “bigger purpose,” giving greater meaning to their work – something often cited by employees as a desired job component and lending to retention and loyalty of employees.

Are you able to help your CIO meet his or her intelligence expectations with your CEO?

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