Recognise This! – In it’s most broad definition, “compensation” can encompass all of Total Rewards. How are you bringing the power of your Total Rewards to drive what is most important your organisation’s success?

Today on Compensation Cafe, I use the insights of Clorox CEO Don Knauss to share a 3-step roadmap on how to get even more out of how you reward employees (in the “Total Rewards” sense of the word):

1) Focus – Nobody can focus on 10 critical priorities and give the same attention and excellence to all. Narrow down the priorities to no more than three things that can be easily understood by everyone.

2) Communicate – An annual goal-setting meeting or a pretty plaque on the wall are never enough to help all employees understand their role in achieving the mission. Of course, communication must happen specifically and often.

3) Reinforce – Use every instance of positive reinforcement, incentive, or recognition to drive home your keyareas of focus.

Click over to Compensation Cafe to read more on what Mr. Knauss said as well as how to bring more focus, communications and reinforcement to your employees on what matters most for your organisation’s success.