We have all been inspired by the Olympics and I have to say even more so by the Paralympics. Having witnessed the achievements of the paralympians and the sheer effort and determination they dedicate to their sport it got me thinking about parallels within the workplace. So how would you cope if you lost your right hand? The person in your team who is always there, supports you in all that you do and can be relied on 100%. The person you know will take on any project, overcome any hurdles and run the extra mile… your most engaged team member.


Employee engagement could be the difference between a gold medal and failure to qualify. Imagine what you could achieve with an entire workforce that put in as much effort as your ‘go to’ guys? If your entire team dedicated themselves just as Team GB have over the past few years in order to achieve excellence in their field? I doubt an obstacle such as a disability or double-dip recession would stand in your way! If businesses could achieve similar levels of engagement with more of their staff then there would be no limits to what could be achieved.

Employee Recognition Breeds Success

There are occasions which give you the opportunity to thank your right hand man (or woman) – grab them with both hands! Embrace a culture of recognition in the workplace.

Send an ecard, a bunch of flowers, a bottle of champagne, some cinema tickets or even a meal out. Token gestures are more than just that, they show an appreciation of an individual’s work, and they won’t forget it. Well structured employee recognition schemes help line managers to recognise rising stars on a continual basis. No matter which verse you use, the gift you give, the message you send, or how you say thank you, it will make a difference. It will ensure that the athletes in your team are at the top of their game, no matter what obstacles stand in their way.

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