With the free market determining the salaries in most products and services, the most important value-added component an organisation can offer to retain and engage its people will increasingly be….


Extensive research over the years to uncover the things that are most important to people in their jobs consistently highlights a number of essential components which deliver job satisfaction.

Here are the top 5 things people want most in their jobs:-

1. Recognition

People want recognition for a job well done. Mark Twain famously said he could love for two months on a good compliment.

It’s widely known that recognition is a primary motivator of people.

What gets rewarded gets repeated.

2. Meaningful work

People want to feel that they’re making a difference – helping to achieve something worthwhile.

This can be something within an organisation, the community ir even globally. Reminding your team that everything they do touches other people, adds meaning to their lives and significance to their work.

Most people don’t just want to simply do work that meets minimum standards and expectations, but to do really quality work: A+ work!

Ask your team what it takes for them to do their job really well and they’ll commit to that standard.

3. Clear goals

People want and need to know what is expected of them and the standards required.

Expecting a person to work without any clear goals is like asking them to go ten pin bowling – but without any pins to aim for!

They may throw the ball down the line for a salary, but they certainly won’t get excited by it.

4. Healthy working environment

People want a clean, safe, well-lit, adequate workspace, the proper equipment, and to work alongside colleagues who care and who communicate in an honest, timely fashion.

Some organisations even now have workout rooms and bring trainers to help their teams achieve optimum health.

5. Chance to learn

People want opportunities to grow into more significant positions with greater responsibility and ultimately to increase their value to the organisation.

Supporting your team members in getting professional qualifications or developing their skills through training, coaching and mentoring, is a great way to open this door for them.

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