I have been receiving dozens of emails wishing me a happy new year and a merry Xmas from clients, providers, or contacts. But it is highly impersonal, I am just one of them.

Handwritten cards are a much more efficient way to let you contact remember you, it is a polite and delicate way of paying attention to someone. In this world of automation and paperless, a handwritten card is another way of communicating how much this person is important to you.

I must say that it is not green but you can use recycled paper, and buy your cards from charities…

A handwritten card shows that you care for your network even if it is a professional network.

You send a relevant, anticipated and personal message to your contacts that is what matters.

How would you react if you receive:

a) a general email wishing you a happy new year

b) a handwritten card wishing you a happy new year

Think about it, and you will come up with the same idea.

Handwritten cards are the perfect way of reaching your network with a personal touch, a personal care, something different from other people.

Feelings, people, attention…that is what matters when you network.

So start writing your greeting card with your small hand, it will make a huge difference.

I even know some people who send books with a handwritten note inside…what a powerful way of networking!!

Happy New year and Merry Christmas to all my readers, I love all the feedbacks I am getting (even the bad ones!)