In March, a survey undertaken by the Chartered Institute of Payroll Professionals (CIPP) stated that electronic payslips were the most popular method of payslip presentation in 2010.

Now, having surveyed our own clients, we can reveal that electronic payslips really are proving a hit. Sixty per cent of respondents utilising Cascade’s payroll module reported that they are currently embracing this functionality, which ultimately shows that attitudes are changing.
At one time there was scepticism surrounding the security, practicality and necessity of electronic payslips, when in truth they offer an extremely safe way for employees to receive their payroll information.
If paper-based payslips are to get into the wrong hands, there is a risk of fraudulent activity such as identity theft. Electronic payslips on the other hand are accessed via secure system log-in, not email as some would expect, therefore ensuring the information is viewed only by the individual with unique password access.
This expression of caution is perhaps understandable. Payroll as a function affects every working individual so the level of accountability and responsibility is colossal. But so many ordinary tasks in our day-to-day life – whether it be in personal time or in the workplace – are undertaken electronically, so why not adopt this trend when it comes to payroll too?
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