We spoke recently with a Senior Manager of a large college who had attended one of our promotional webinars.

At the end of the session he fed back that he loved the training and knew that it would be of benefit to his teams – if only he could persuade his senior colleagues that the training was needed – and not just a “nice to have”.

What he did was ingenious – a plan so cunning that Baldrick would have been proud.

At the next meeting of the Senior Management team he printed out several copies of emails that senior colleagues had sent internally. He was careful not to reveal the identities of the senders.

Unsurprisingly, this had the desired effect – the emails were so bad that this resulted in some very red faces in the room.


They swiftly commissioned Emailogic to deliver email training and we look forward to changing the culture of email in the College this Spring.

If you think that your colleagues’ email behaviour could be improved, why not play back some of your senior managers emails at an appropriate event?

They will see that whilst email best practice is common sense – it is just not common practice.