We’re not usually ones to blow our own horn, but this week, no less than a year after ClearWorth began running programmes in Beijing and Chengdu on the very topic, President Xi has been public in his praising of Emotional Intelligence (EQ). It even made the front pages of the national press. Coincidence? We can’t be sure..

The idea of Emotional Intelligence is spreading, and an increasing number of influential thinkers are jumping aboard. The Chinese market in particular has connected with it, and finds training based on the ideas of Behavioural and Emotional intelligence to not only be the most accurate way to assess the way employees behave, but to have a significant impact on the way they work.

It’s rooted in the very basic idea of ‘thinking before you speak’. It might sound simple, but it can take some very specific control and restraint to monitor behaviour like this.

ClearWorth has been operating with these ideas for years, but we actually take EQ one step further, and train people on how they can behave; or more precisely, the skills and disciplines of Behavioural Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence in Action.

This training provides specific ideas on effective ways for business people to conduct themselves that will take blind emotion and snap decision making out of the picture, and set down a framework for how words and actions can transform results in the workplace.

This approach has been especially popular with classes focusing on being more effective as an individual and project team member. In the programmes and the online f @ sterclasses people learn how to be more influential, have more presence and get more of what they want.

Although this approach has been popular with professionals with a range of responsibilities, it’s with leaders that it makes the most pronounced difference. The Behavioural Intelligence of leaders has an impact on each and every person they interact with, and those who can put this kind of thinking behind every action, will begin to see positive results in terms of successful negotiating, loyalty and commitment.

Clearworth provides these Behavioural Intelligence courses specifically for leaders. By focusing on their actions, the courses help leaders to express their message clearly and intelligently, phrased in a way that will help people understand, engage and commit

The ClearWorth approach uses Behavioural and Emotional Intelligence levels in their courses, and the word is most definitely spreading. No calls from President Xi's office as yet though…

Clive Hook

Programme Director at ClearWorth

Clive works for ClearWorth a company specialising in bespoke leader, team and organisation development and works all over the world from London to Lagos, Ohio to Oman, Helsinki to Hyderabad, Surrey to Sakhalin, Torino to Toronto – to date he has worked in 30 countries – and counting.