Jim Terry
Vice President
Riverdale Business Solutions
Mondole Lane, Anytime Town
USA 54321

Oct 26, 2013

Jill Marian
Realtime National Bank
38, Plin Bath Circle, Anytime Town
USA 67898

Re: Employment Verification for Mr. John Mandelene

Dear Mr. Jill Marian:

On Oct 28, 2013, you requested an employee verification information for Mr. John Mandelene with regard to a signed authorization, which you provided me, in order to release the particulars of the concerned employee. This is to verify that Mr. John Mandelene has worked for our company since 1998. He joined Riverdale Business Solutions on August 22, 1998. He, currently is the Manager in our service department.

His current salary is $58,000 a year with life insurance benefits. His employee record, to date is very good.

If you have any questions with regard to his employment status, please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to host your request.



Jim Terry
Vice President

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