The date is in the diary!  The first UK HR Unconference to hit the UK takes place on the 21st October 2010 – click here for more information.

If you are not sure what its all about, check out my previous post or some of the links below.  We have set up a twitter hashtag – #connectinghr – whcih seems to have taken on a life of its own, becoming a popular tag that twitter users who are sharing thoughts, links and insights into HR add to the end of their tweets.  This has spread to people who have not even been part of the tweetups or the community directly.  To see what I mean, do a google search for #connectinghr – over 56,000 mentions with over 800 of them in blogs.

Basically the whole purpose of the initiative was to raise the profile of social media in HR.  The potential of the connected organisations – both internally with employees and externally with customers is huge.  It promises to transform not only the way we do business, but also in the way we construct organisational boundaries and connect as individuals across the globe.

Yet, amazingly, social media and the whole issue of social connecting is still viewed with suspicion by the vast majority of organisations and HR functions/professionals in particular.  Resourcing and talent functions are beginning to embrace some of the tools, either to find and attract talent or to supplement the employer-branding proposition.

But in many other quarters, social media remains only a policy issue, and a negative one at that.  I believe that this is a huge missed opportunity and a big misunderstanding, fuelled largely by the fact that many HR professionals are not using the social tools themselves.

Which is where the unconference comes in.  If you have not heard of an unconference before, have a look at the ConnectingHR website for more information.  Basically, it’s your conference. If you attend, you set the agenda. No sponsors, no one way presentations.  Just quality discussions between HR professionals about the impact and potential of social media on their organisations.

Having attended unconferences before I know they can be inspirational, enlightening and very rewarding.  With your help, the first unconference for the HR profession in the UK can be too.

For more information and to book a place at the Unconference – click here.

Hope to see you there.