The pressure is on for businesses small, medium and large to demonstrate an environmentally aware ethos and eco-friendly processes and procedures.  From green packaging and recycling initiatives to cutting down on printed communication, more companies than ever before are going green and flaunting their eco credentials in corporate social responsibility missives. 

In addition to protecting the environment, companies with a green reputation can also gain more respect and increase their customer base. Studies show that consumers expect more environmental consideration from their retailers and service providers and will actively favour those with a more responsible ethic. Figures from the British government confirms a staggering 92% of business leaders believe green growth presents an opportunity for their company. Research by The Carbon Trust suggests that 65% of consumers believe it is important to purchase goods and services from environmentally conscious businesses while it also claims that those companies actively looking to be more green enjoy a much more positive reception by customers, shareholders and investors.

Whether you focus on cutting energy consumption or producing marketing material on recycled paper, making a concerted effort to lower environmental impact demonstrates integrity.  Many businesses even include their carefully drawn out corporate responsibility approach as part of a business plan or strategy on their website. 

The problem is, many of the changes necessary to become more environmentally friendly come with steep initial costs.  Things such as cutting back on paper and resources obviously benefit the business, but inserting energy efficient lighting and replacing older, inefficient heating systems can be costly in the short term, especially for SMEs.

Fleet Evolution can help those keen to develop a more sustainable approach to easily transform one of the worst offending areas of the business – transportation – to an eco-friendly solution with a fully managed, cost effective salary sacrifice car scheme.  A salary sacrifice car scheme looks very attractive to employees, and costs the employer absolutely nothing.  But how does supplying all of your employees with a vehicle result in favourable corporate responsibility and a greener business reputation?

Fleet Evolution prides themselves on their environmental benefits, and specialise in offering low carbon emission cars and electric vehicles.  Where possible, they encourage motorists to choosing a car which has minimal environmental impact.  In 2013, the carbon footprint of drivers on the road with the salary sacrifice scheme reduced their carbon footprint by as much as 42%.  Many of their vehicles are eco-friendly, and one model in particular – the Nissan Leaf – emits an impressive zero emissions.  By replacing customers’ older, less efficient vehicles with newer cars, Fleet Evolution can dramatically decrease a company’s environmental impact, specifically on the daily commute and when extra driving is needed.

The salary sacrifice car scheme also offers eco-friendly employees the chance to own a brand new electric car, where cost may have been a prohibitive factor previously should they have to go it alone on the purchase. By taking out a salary sacrifice scheme, employees and employers could both save on tax and National Insurance contributions, and the motorist could also gain a heap of savings through the lower running costs of the new vehicle.  So let a company with an eco-friendly approach high on its agenda give your business the green light.

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