When a small company grows into a large corporation there is a risk that people become numbers in a machine, with the implementation of rigid day-to-day routines. Due to the vast size of the business, corporations can sometimes lose touch with their employees, stunting creativity and that initial exciting buzz. Therefore whilst you may be flourishing externally and becoming a market leader, you may well be crumbling internally.

It’s not always easy for a large corporation; in fact, change in any business environment can be difficult. However businesses must embrace change in order to be continuously productive for their people and their customers. As your business grows internationally, that extra effort needs to be made to ensure that your team still feel that they are a part of a greater purpose.

Let employees get creative

When it comes to an employee’s workstation, let their creative minds flow. For example give each new hire one month to decorate their work area and a budget to invest in meaningful events that connect staff to each other.

Job Titles

Don’t let titles or job descriptions determine who needs to be involved in what.  Inviting different employees to contribute to a discussion allows the flow of creativity to continue and enables fresh viewpoints to come to the table.  People with the most information, the most interest, and the most opportunity should always be invited to help with an initiative or a problem, regardless of how new or experienced s/he might be – allowing the team to feel unified in what otherwise might be a fragmented split office.

Provide Feedback

Allow for open and candid feedback. Gather team feedback through an annual survey and regular focus groups. If anyone feels blocked or ignored, they should feel enabled to call the executive directly. Each team member is a partner in your business success and, as a partner, his or her thoughts and contributions need to valued and encouraged.

Be open to solutions

Never impose a one-size fits all approach to your business. Each geographical location will have a unique office culture; therefore adapt your business benefits and office hours to suit this. It’s all about making your team feel connected even though they may be part of a workforce that is 500+.

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