Recognise This! – Helping employees engage in their work and your organisation is not difficult. It’s as simple as giving them feedback.

We tend to over-complicate employee engagement. Between the various survey tools to measure engagement, the analysis techniques to figure out what those surveys mean, the tools and systems to increase engagement, the manager training and coaching – it seems to go on forever.

That’s why I liked the simplicity Tim Sackett brought to the discussion – cutting through all the muddle to point to the only sustainable employee engagement tool that works – Feedback.

But not just any feedback. To quote Tim, to increase engagement, feedback must be:

That’s precisely the role of strategic employee recognition – encouraging frequent, timely in the moment feedback from peers and managers alike. Feedback that is positive and constructive, reflecting what you most need your employees to do (your objectives) and the way in which you need it done (your core values).

But of course, that’s not all. Tim adds this important point:

“But, it’s really freaking tough to sustain high engagement when the real world hits your organisation in the face. Creating a culture that is going to deliver consistent feedback in good and bad times – where employees know exactly where they stand (good or bad) and can engage in the feedback process – will always ensure you have the highest engagement possible for your organisation.”

As we lead into this holiday season, think what gift you would most appreciate every day at work. Not your compensation – you earned that. But what gift? What would lift your spirits? What would help you know your efforts are meaningful to those around you and serve a greater purpose of achieving a bigger goal?

Now, how can you give that gift to others?

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