An office relocation is a major undertaking and anyone who has ever been involved in moving office knows that a collaborative effort is needed for a successful office move. Putting together the right project team is critical – and needs to comprise both internal and external members.

In my opinion, one of the reasons many office moves go wrong is because companies have a misplaced belief that they can save money by not engaging the services of professional help. I believe this is a false economy and, as a result, many office moves end up being a time-consuming and stressful job fraught with difficulty and expensive mistakes that could have been avoided. Using the right companies for the component parts of your office move will ensure that critical mistakes are avoided and that money is saved over the full term of the lease.

One person must be put in charge of the move. The Project Leader (typically a Director or Senior Manager) must have enough time to devote to the office move project – and should: have the trust of senior management; the authority to act on behalf of the company; be senior enough to be able to make decisions; be a good organiser of people and processes; have experience of setting and working within budgets; and be a good communicator. The Office Move Project Leader should be appointed as soon as the decision to consider moving office has been made.

Irrespective of the particular details of your office move, the Project Team should comprise individuals and companies who provide you with confidence that they understand your business and the objectives of the move, such as a Commercial Property Agent, Property Solicitor, Office Design / Fit-Out Partner and Office Removals Company to IT and Telecoms, HR and sales and marketing experts. They will be able to provide both operational and strategic assistance throughout the moving office project and ensure that your office move happens on time, to budget and with the minimum hassle and disruption to your business.

There is no question that a successful office relocation is best achieved through you combining your understanding of your own business priorities with the expert advice and market knowledge of office move professionals. This not only ensures that you won’t make any critical mistakes but will also save you money over the term of the lease.

Top Tip: Working with the right team is THE SINGLE most important MUST DO for an office move.

You can refer to my full ‘Putting the right Project Team together’ article on, which details all the specific internal and external roles you should incorporate in your office move project team, along with a range of other free moving office information including all 10 of my golden rules.

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