Whether your office lease is about to expire, you have an option to break in your existing lease or you want to take advantage of favourable market conditions to move to new offices before office rents rise – my advice is that before you do anything you need to fully understand and evaluate your options and seek legal advice


In order that you can make an informed decision it is critical to have absolute clarity in terms of your current position including notice period, serving of notice method, obligations and liabilities. For this to happen, it is essential to get legal advice from a Property Solicitor who will:

–  negotiate the detail of the lease documentation to minimise your exposure to potential liabilities;

–  advise you on the implications of the detailed terms in the final documents to ensure you are aware of your ongoing responsibilities;

–  advise you on the obligations placed upon you in your existing office lease with regards to your exit strategy.

You can find approved moving office professionals in your area such as – approved Property Solicitors, Commercial Property Agents, Design & Fit Out and Office Removals Companies – on www.HelpMovingOffice.co.uk along with a range of my free moving office guides, tools and checklists and the rest of my Golden Rules of Moving Office.

Top tip: Never sign anything that you do not understand and if in doubt seek legal advice before you sign anything.

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