Organizations monitoring continuous feedback and social recognition closely are definite to have highly motivated employees. Well, numerous discussions and studies have proved that better recognition and feedback of employees lead to better business performances. Continuous feedback and social recognition are the vital factors for employee appraisals. What if software can simply the complete process of continuous feedback and social recognition?

Let us quickly take a look at how software can help in continuous feedback and social recognition!


The special advantage of having a software for continuous feedback and social feedback is that it allows unique continuous feedback pages for every employee. Managers get a blue book to maintain confidential notes. It also has an escalation tool to notify Hr about accomplishments and concerns. Another feature of the software is the instant feedback tool that can be used to communicate to the employee, of his/her performance highlights on a day-to-day basis. Well, this feature also allows peers, internal customers and colleagues to post their feedback.

1. Continuous Feedbackcontinuous_feedback_and_social_recognition-continuous_feedback

2. Outlook Plug-Incontinuous_feedback_and_social_recognition-outlook_plugin

3. Social Recognition

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