There is a discussion kicking off on the European Mentoring and Coaching Council group on Linkedin about the level of fees charged by coaches; feelings and concerns are emerging about the amount, how it varies, uncertainty and doubt about the value we deliver, comparisons with counselling services.  No doubt other aspects will emerge as the discussion unfolds.

On reflection, I notice that there is a sense of privacy around the issue – fees and charges just don’t seem to be very public or open to comparison.  Perhaps it’s something to do with a sense of professionalism; as professionals do we prefer to avoid getting involved in the messy business of comerce?  Perhaps it’s other things that I’m not aware of yet.

So I wonder if you would be prepared to help shed some light on the discussion for the benefit of all – for you the client, for coachees and for us coaches?

Many thanks for your contributions and perhaps together we can shine a bit of light into this currently dimly lit but critical facet of contracting in coaching.