Recognise This! – Service anniversaries are so much more than a certificate, crystal or pin. They are the sum of the relationships and experiences of those years.

Today is my seven year anniversary with Globoforce. My husband is stunned. My prior record for tenure in my career is half that. But I love what I do, who I do it for, and – most importantly – who I get to do it with. It’s those close, personal, deep relationships with the people of Globoforce that have made the last 7 years seem like 7 weeks, and leave me hoping for decades more.

It’s relationships like this:

“WOW!!! and a whole lot more represents the type of work you do every day and the type of person you are! I can’t believe it’s been seven years. I’m so delighted to be on the Globoforce journey with you. You help everyone around you do their best work! From our early days when you were in Marketing and me in Client Services – we clicked right away and became each others’ cheerleaders and champions. The first opportunity I had to work with you was when I was out in San Francisco at a client for two weeks. I relied heavily on you to review the final business case, gather research and stats, and overall, consult with me to ensure we won this key client’s business. And we DID!!! From there, we worked on numerous other projects until the day when we were able to snag you over to the Strategy & Consulting team. And you thrive in your role every day! From the start, you dove in and led some of our largest change management efforts at prestigious clients. You listen well, understand client’s ambition, goals, shape their thinking aligned with strategic recognition, define their strategy and build the change management, communications and training materials to support a very successful launch and on-going sustainable program & culture. And that’s not all – you share with us all of your talents – and champion other critical areas for the team! You’re very instrumental in being a partner for our customers, both internally and externally.  Thank you so much for all you do…”

That’s an excerpt from the full message I received from my boss. My poor husband. He read that, too… and compared it to his own experience of walking into his office and seeing a service award certificate tossed haphazardly on his workstation. No mention of his anniversary from his boss at all. After 30 years.

And relationships like these:

Screenshot of stories shared by colleagues

Those are messages from my friends and colleagues. They added personal stories of our escapades over the years. Here’s one from my friend Anne Marie. She highlights perfectly just how important the relationshipsare. Yes, it’s also the work we do together; but we’re able to do it so much more effectively when we know and trust each other at a deeper level.

“Lynette! 7 Years! You old timer…takes one to know one and I am so thrilled to celebrate this milestone with you… From the early days, when we would spend hours mapping out webinars and proofing content together (you’ll never look at the word “that” without thinking of me again I’m sure) to our walks through the woods, you’ve been a great friend, mentor and colleague. We have so many great memories together-dinners together, dog sitting, laughing at my crazy kid stories and crying together while living life, I’m grateful for our years of friendship. I know Globoforce is lucky to have you as an employee, but we are all even luckier to call you a friend! Congrats on this huge milestone my friend. Here’s to many more together!”

I admit it. I cried.

And I certainly won’t be selling a crystal service award I don’t want any more like this guy. This is what I’ll be doing with my service award.

Ad for Newport, RI, 2015 Jazz Festival

That’s my 11th wedding anniversary and my (I’m not telling) birthday. All courtesy of my friends at Globoforce – because what we do together is why I achieve this anniversary and this experience.

What’s your most memorable service anniversary experience?

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