For any company, their employees are a viable resource for them. Human resource is the only workforce of a company which keeps the revenue flowing and company going. Without these crucial assets, any company can go broke. So to keep the revenues flowing right and company stable, the human workforce needs to become more efficient each day. And efficiency is dependent on health. Good health is of utmost importance for any employee working in any company. But employees can take care of their health by themselves, can’t they? Yes, they can, but to make them more healthy, an HR manager can also take up the following initiatives in the office premises.

Why should HR take up employee health into consideration?

Working for hours and hours, an employee can be under great performance pressure and workload, this takes a toll on the employee’s health. Employees’ poor health directly influences the company’s performance. So to keep the company and employees fit, an HR manager should actively initiate healthy measurements. 

Supple work regime.

Most employees work for long hours, sitting tightly on a chair for hours and staring at the screen. This can seriously affect their health and lead to much more complex and acute or chronic problems. To avoid this, HR should introduce flexibility to the employees.

Employees should be advised to take a break whenever they feel necessary. Apart from that, HR should discuss with higher authorities and boycott overtime in the office.

Hence, the time and energy saved after these two steps can be used by employees in relaxing and focusing on other things in their life, indirectly making them healthy.

Introducing a ‘being fit’ campaign at the office.

Most people suffer from imbalanced BMI and therefore are obese. To combat this issue, HR should introduce activities like aerobics, Zumba, or Yoga classes to their employees.

This step will not only improve employees’ health, but it will also present a positive image of the company. It will reflect the caring nature of the company towards its employees.

In-office checkups.

Calling in a doctor once in a while to the office for regular employees’ checkup is also a great step towards healthiness. HR should appoint a doctor to come once a month to the office premises and check all the employees’ health. This will eliminate any serious disease in its budding stage and will save the employees’ health.

Health insurance.

Although any employee can purchase health insurance on their own, it is different when their company offers them health insurance as goodwill. When HR comes up with such ideas, the management, as well as employees will be more than happy.

Having a health insurance program at the office will boost-up the confidence of the employees and give them a clear message that their company cares about them. Not to forget, they will be financially immune to chronic diseases which takes up a toll on everyone’s bank balance.

Introducing wellness programs.

This is another way to improve employees’ health. You can use wellness programs like defeating obesity, ending diabetes and quit smoking to up your company’s health game.

After discussing with higher authorities, you can tie-up with your area’s gym centers, yoga centers, etc to give your employees a discount coupon or something. Discount will entice your employees to take up a gym membership and be healthy.

Educating the employees.

HR can also call in professionals to deliver lectures about the importance of being healthy and how being healthy can affect their performance and salary. Employees should be taught about observing their colleagues’ health and general behavior.

One more thing which can be done is teaching your employees medical first-aid for times of accidents or mishaps. Teaching employees about normal first-aid wound dressing is of utmost importance to avoid any further damage at times of mishappenings.

To be on the leading edge, you can call in a trained professional (doctor or nurse) to teach employees CPR. God forbid if any of your employees suffer a heart attack or something serious, the others can at least revive them with CPR until they reach the nearest professional medical help.

Instilling motivation.

Once you introduce various health care steps, it’s also your job to convince your employees to endorse those activities. This can be done by giving them some perks like flexible working hours or free lunch or anything. Also, when more and more employees join healthcare programs, then you can earn a discount readily and save the company’s money.

You can also introduce incentives for the employees who join these healthcare programs and care about their health. This will also encourage other employees to join in and take the path to fitness.

Above were some tips to get your company greater revenues. “Greater revenues?!” – Yes. When you will introduce healthcare and fitness to your employees, they will stay healthy and will not skip office. This means there will be a decline in absenteeism, resulting in faster completion of all projects and goals. 

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