Motivation can be a powerful and ever-important aspect of success, and it can also be a key component in inspiring others to their own successes as well. A good leader knows that motivating others is important, but sometimes the best ways in which to motivate others, and even ourselves, eludes us. At such time that you might feel your motivation is waning, or you see others lacking their own motivation, you must remember a few simple ways in which you can revive your motivation and inspire others to do the same.

By first being aware of what works to motivate us, and then taking steps to ensure that you practice such acts consistently, you may find that you have an ever-growing reserve of motivation, growing within you and unquenchable as you continue to reap the rewards of the success your motivation can bring. If you are in a leadership position, then those you manage will likely look up to you and attempt to emulate your success and drive, for motivation can be infectious. If you are an employee managed by others, then your superiors will surely take notice of your willingness to excel.

But first, you must learn to motivate yourself, which isn’t always so easy to do unless you already know how. The Internet abounds with all manner of advice, and stories of athletes or entrepreneurs who practice bizarre rituals in order to stay motivated, such as always making sure to get 9 hours of sleep or reciting mantras to oneself. While these acts may work for those particular individuals, it is better to stick to a few tried and true methods that you can work into your daily routine until they are like second nature, so that your motivation never wanes.

1. Make Sure To Always Be In A Good Mood When You Begin Your Workday. Easier said than done, as there are many things in life that can seek to ruin your day. But sometimes it is also all a manner of perspective. If you find yourself feeling stressed, grumpy or otherwise not very cheerful, then seeks to counter those feelings with things that do make you feel good. Listen to uplifting music on your way to work, speak to a friend who always has a positive outlook on life, or eat an enjoyable breakfast that helps you feel fulfilled (there are certain foods that help to keep you happy and energized). Studies show that those who arrive to work in a good mood, achieve significantly more than those who don’t.

2. Avoid Energy Sapping Activity. Staying energized throughout the day can help you keep your motivation at peak levels. Keep track of the times during the day that you begin to feel your energy wane, and see if there is a common denominator. Sometimes it can be due to lunch laden with carbohydrates, or simply staring at the computer screen too long. Taking short breaks throughout the day can actually do wonders in helping to sustain your energy and motivation.

3. Listen To Motivational Conference Speakers. There are plenty of conference speakers to choose from. Find one that works for you and listen to them on occasion, perhaps in the morning before arriving to work or on your lunch break. Listening to such motivational conference speakers can really serve to instill within you a great sense of self-worth, drive, determination, and many more positive feelings that will help to keep you motivated throughout the day, as well as to inspire others.

4. Set Goals For Yourself. When you are working to achieve a particular goal, you are more inclined to be motivated towards that goal as opposed to being motivated for no discernible reason. Set goals for yourself, even if they are just small daily tasks. As you complete each task, you will benefit from a sense of self-achievement, which helps to maintain your motivation. You should also practice setting more short-term and long-term goals for bettering yourself, such as learning a new skill. As a leader, you must also provide goals for your team, so that they too have something to strive for and work toward.

5. Share Your Energy With Others. As mentioned earlier, motivation can be infectious. By sharing your energy with others, they in turn will begin to feel more motivated, and you will also feed off of their growing energy. It becomes a continuous cycle that can be harnessed, helping to improve productivity, inspire new ideas and creativity, and perform to the best of your abilities.

Once you have determined which of these methods might work best for you, you will no doubt be able to remain motivated every day and achieve new heights of success.