Hiring efficient employees and managing them wisely is an important task of an HR. When the organization is small, it is possible for an HR to take care of screening and recruiting new employees, addressing employee issues and conveying feedback to the employees. An Hr acts as a liaison between the employees and the organization. When the organization grows and the number of employees increases simultaneously, managing all the employees at a time gets difficult slowly reaching the impossible stage. In this case, what should an organization do to get things back in place? The best thing is to go for performance review system.

But, how will using performance review system benefit an HR? 

Every organization has its own culture and an HR is responsible to set a kind of culture that suits the management and the employees. At some point when the organization grows and segments into various departments, it becomes difficult for the HR to maintain the same culture throughout. Performance review system plays a good role at this stage. Performance review system helps an HR to build a common corporate culture. He can set goals and values according to the corporate culture using software. Performance management system being a transparent tool enforces the managers and the employees to quickly adjust their behaviors without a choice.

Performance appraisal is one of the key acts in an organization where an HR has a role to play. When it is a 360 degree appraisal of an employee, it is essential that he gets definite feedback from all the members he reports to and works with. 360 degree feedback is not complete even if one member fails to comment and evaluate an employee. It is the HR who is responsible to collect the feedback from every individual and which is not an easy task. Carrying out this process manually could also make room for manipulations and conflicts. Performance review system can help get away with these issues, as the system will be automated to send personal notifications to individuals who miss to give their feedback.

With all the data collected in the system, an HR will also be able to find gaps in the organization, set new goals and objectives and plan training and development needs to benefits the employees and the organization.