When considering who can help us make comparisons Comparethemeerkat.com comes to mind. Although there are many more companies out there who can help us compare more than meerkats. In fact anything we could wish to compare – finance, food, cars and what are the dating sites if not a means of comparing one potential partner with another. Comparethemeerkat.com has even got an app so there’s certainly no getting away from the ability to compare – what ever the technology we’re using.

Many people who I work with, and I’m not immune either, have challenges around comparisons. Other people are often more this or that than us, or less this or that. With the increase in use of social media the ability to compare ourselves with others has increased dramatically. We don’t really need an app to find the evidence to support our own less than helpful beliefs about ourselves – it’s simple – just do a search on google and there we are a list of why we’re not good enough……..

Hold on a minute I wonder what a comparison app for our skills and attributes would be like……
….see short story I wrote for those unfavourably comparing themselves with others (with a little help from an  iPhone app).

Because we should celebrate our own uniqueness and accept our differences.
Helping you find passion in life.

Alison Smith
http://www.alisonsmith.eu/ 07770 538159 [email protected]

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