With the recent anniversary of Facebook and Twitter, it’s hard to remember a time before social networking or all the technology now available to us. How many of you had a briefcase the size of a small suitcase that was half empty, you just thought it made you look more important? Or a mobile phone the size of a brick that could only make and receive calls? No texting, emailing or taking pictures. Computers that had to stay on your desk at work, there was definitely no taking them home with you!

Like technology, businesses have evolved. Gone are the days where paper was used for everything and piled so high on your desk you couldn’t see beyond it. Or even where you had to await the post in order to get an answer. No more posting or faxing a CV to an organisation in the hope it actually sent or even if someone had picked it up by mistake!

Today, business can be done from just about anywhere in the world, enabling people be away from the office but so as not to miss out on business critical activities. But on the other hand, is tipping the work/life balance altogether? I get the sense that not many people sit on the fence with how they feel about it. Some can’t switch off and feel that they have to respond to emails at midnight, where others find it liberating – they aren’t tied to their desk at all hours but can make it home to put the kids to bed, make their gym class or even take a holiday. It was almost a year ago when David Cameron was holidaying as the Rigby tragedy unfolded. The point being now that even though on holiday, he could still comment and broadcast his support for the family.

Technology also creates new ways of communicating and some can be left behind if they don’t embrace it. A lot of people and organisations make significant announcements via Twitter, Facebook or other media platforms and even the Queen has her own Twitter feed. But do we find communicating easier with these channels or do we feel more obliged to be sharing all the time? Whether you agree or disagree that Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or technology in general rules your life at home or at work, perhaps you need to download an app to curb your behaviour?