I was shocked and surprised to find that my insurance company started off a conversation over a claim I made recently with the question "Do I have a criminal record?".  I found this incongruous, even though I don't have one!  I began to wonder if we have lost the ability to trust one another in the 21st Century?

You can read the full post at "Would I Lie To You?"  The post asks some questions of relevance to HR Strategists and Practitioners which I'd love your views on:

* Is trust a strategic point of advantage that HR Professionals can and should exploit?

* Is it wise to treat your customers and partners as if they are criminals?

* In an online world, do we need to work harder on relationship building and trust?

* Is there an exploitable difference between companies that are well run and the rest?

* What can HR Professionals do to ensure that Trust and Ethics are Strategic Capabilities?

* What can HR Professionals do to ensure that such capabilities trickle down to front line staff?

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