Recognise This! – A new mechanism for frequent, timely feedback, praise and course correction is required to fix the broken performance review process.

I enjoyed the last few days at the WorldatWork Total Rewards conference in San Diego, especially the opportunity to meet with and learn from some of our customers as well as industry experts and influencers.

One theme running strongly throughout the show was this continuing challenge of performance appraisals. Most seem to agree that the current approach simply doesn’t work as employees want and need much more feedback than they typically receive through today’s annual process.

Two speakers I had the opportunity to listen to, including keynote Dan Pink, said mechanisms to allow for and manage more frequent feedback are needed, but neither suggested what those mechanisms might be. With the lack of ideas on “what to do instead,” HR pros seem to be defaulting to current process – and the status quo continues.

Be sure to check out this short video from the show where I offer suggestions on just what that mechanism should be – Strategic Employee Recognition.

What mechanisms or solutions would you suggest to overcome status quo inertia and enable frequent, timely helpful feedback, appreciation and course correction as part of the daily flow of work?