I am not even particularly into football, but I still haven’t failed to notice the huge news that Kevin Keegan is making a spectacular return as manager of Newcastle United, after leaving the club 11 years ago.

It has always been seen as quite a backward step when someone returns to a company they used to work for – not to mention a position they used to hold – but could Keegan’s dramatic comeback actually spark a trend and inspire the UK workforce to follow suit?

Well, according to recruitment website fish4jobs, it may actually do just that. The site’s chief executive, Joe Slavin, has said that because football is so ingrained in the nation’s psyche, high-profile manager announcements can have a profound effect on our job hunting habits.

“If Keegan can pull it off at Newcastle, then the UK workforce is likely to take its lead from him,” he remarked.

Well, let’s just wait and see if that happens. I can appreciate that going back to a familiar company has a few plus points – you know the job, the people, the processes in place, etc, but to me, it’s a bit like an ex-relationship – there was a reason why you moved on from it in the first place; if you go back, aren’t those reasons still going to be there?

Personally, I can’t ever see that my own career will be influenced by a football manager, but that’s just me! I am sure there are a few footy-mad people out there that may take his lead – and for those of you who are considering making a comeback of your own, fish4jobs has compiled this list of top tips to help you:

Lucie Benson