From conversations recently I think that’s how many of us are approaching life.

Before you disagree could you please just do an inventory of all areas of your life and confirm how many of them you’re perfectly happy with.

How did you get on?

What I’ve noticed is we do really seem to put up with a lot of what should be unacceptable in our lives. We just say "That’s life", "That’s business", "That’s relationships for you", "That’s just the way it is" or even "That’s old age for you."

I had a conversation a few weeks ago with someone who was putting their physical and emotional symptoms down to old age. The problem with that is old age doesn’t go away and yet the symptoms could. I remember the new lease of life my dad got when at the age of 75 he got his first PC, or how much happier a friend was when she changed her eating habits, or another friend took up a hobby.

Please don’t just lay back and think of England and put up with a life that’s not making you happy. Identify the symptoms and then explore the opportunities to getting to the other side. There are always many more opportunities than you think.

That’s me now off on holiday for a PC/iPhone free week. Thank you so much for the opportunity of being your blogger of the month and I look forward to sharing thoughts when I return.

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