Learning Technologies is likely the busiest L&D event I have ever attended. Particularly this year where I felt strongly on the Wednesday that attendance was up.

Having quickly seen some of the blogs to come out of it I can see there is a perceived difference between the ‘conference’ and ‘exhibition’. This worries me: I don’t think this is good for anyone, from attendees to exhibitors to delegates.

I believe the way we source, select and buy has changed from the traditional approach and I don’t know how these events will continue in the future without the vendors to support, no matter how ‘backward’ they may be perceived.

Furthermore the way we want information has changed: something I’m going  to think about more as we organise the second #ConnectingHR unconference. It’s a format which delivers great value but I can’t see the type of exhibitions which take part in Olympia switching anytime soon! But perhaps theywill introduce an element of the unconference…

On the first day we held a mini-tweet up on the stand and met some members and it was great just spending time meeting our members. So if you dropped by, thank you.

The big trend seemed to be mobile learning and Video Arts were showing off their new application they have made.

Vox pops and other content to come from this dynamic conference!

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