Finding undeniable talent in today’s market can be a struggle. High-demand fields are faced with a large number of openings and a low number of compatible candidates to fill them. However, there could be other reasons your company is falling short when it comes to finding your latest employee. 

If your hiring process consists of a long questionnaire, complicated software, or a lack of transparency, you could be missing out on the best candidates. Discover how you could be hiring better with these the help of mobile platforms.  


More than 90% of adults, between the ages of 25 and 34, in the UK, own a smartphone. With such a high number it opens up a world of possibilities for hiring professionals. Recruiters can use apps to manage, find, and interview individuals. 

Beyond the initial interest, recruiters have to create data of the prospective candidates which will obviously be huge in number. The recruiting process can be lengthy and at every stage, it becomes important to compile, manage, and update the candidate information. Mobile apps can help automate this process and keep up with all the day-to-day tasks. 

Some apps allow for customization that helps put vacancies on different job boards with just one click. Plus, many job boards have a mobile app that makes job hunting a breeze for on-the-go candidates. Using this method reduces the number of candidates to individuals who are really interested. In fact, some platforms provide talent assessment quizzes to help identify candidates’ natural strengths and find companies looking for people just like them. With these features, recruiters don’t have to maintain a database that has a list of candidates who may or may not be interested in the job role.


Recruitment is an on-going process. The pressure for your HR team to find the right candidate from a pool of candidates is growing. It can be quite difficult for them to post accurate job descriptions daily while completing the hiring process simultaneously. 

Emerging apps can help with this. Some apps help candidates find jobs based on culture fit and aid recruiters when picking the right applicants. They can even use scientific personality assessments to pinpoint applicants’ natural traits and strengths in the workplace, which helps match them with their dream roles. This can help job seekers apply for jobs within their wheelhouse and skill set. Additionally, you can further automate the entire recruitment process by using apps to make job announcements on different job portals. 

On the flip side, apps can make it easy for candidates to find you. There are multiple platforms available that help pair job seekers with open positions based on personality, strengths, culture fit, etc. Try using an assessment quiz to get more data on the skill and culture set. Once you gain a good database, you could even use the information to create top performer examples for future replication and avoid bias. Platforms like this make finding the right candidate or job easier for everyone involved. 


Finally, interviewing. Finding the perfect candidate is great and all but now you have to get them in the door (virtual or physical) before making your hiring decision. Setting this up may delay your entire recruitment process. Use an app to help set this up and allow your candidate to pick a time that works best for them. Furthermore, if they need to reschedule or cancel it’ll make it easier.

With the information your app of choice has compiled, the interview has enough background information to help aid the process. Going beyond the basic questions, professionals can get to the important question quicker and speed up the process. 

Mobile apps won’t take all the work out of your recruiting process, but it can help streamline it.

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