In a globally competitive market, there are great demands on our leaders to deliver success within an increasingly uncertain, complex and ambiguous environment. Factors such as recession, globalisation, improvements in technology and the continuous evolution of the workplace, have played their part in shaping the new attributes of leaders. And, in order to be successful and respond to the current business environment, senior figures need a unique set of leadership behaviours.

At a&dc, we believe that there are five elements of effective leadership which form our LIVED model:

Learning – the willingness and ability to adapt to new environments and challenges by drawing on learning and feedback from previous experiences

– Intellect – the ability to deal effectively with complex and ambiguous information, seeing issues in the broader context and taking sound decisions based on this analysis.

Values – acting in an authentic and consistent way, inspiring trust and demonstrating integrity, courage and respect for others

Emotion – the ability to manage own emotions effectively, building positive relationships and using emotions to influence and inspire others

Drive setting challenging goals, taking an action-oriented approach and showing passion and determination to overcome obstacles, acting decisively and achieving results

Identifying leaders with these behaviours is the first step, which can often be complex. But using this insight to develop a truly global talent pool is the real challenge. So how can you do this?

On Thursday 20th June (tomorrow) at 3pm, we’ll be exploring this issue in a webinar. The 20 minute session will include 10 minute presentation from two expert speakers on the topic, plus a 10 minute Q&A for you to ask any burning questions.

If you’d like to sign up, you can register here, and we’ll be tweeting throughout via @adcuk using the hashtag #livedleaders. Spaces are limited so sign up today:

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