Training of employees in an organisation holds huge significance in terms of productivity and output. Many organisations of the modern era lack adequate training material. Whereas some of them have training materials but they are not framed in a way that can generate interest in a learner for the study matter. E-learning courses provided by e-learning service providers provide sufficient training materials to organisations which can enhance the cognitive skills of an individual to a large extent.

These training modules of E-learning courses are highly interactive in nature which engage the learner into the subject and help him learn better and perceive it as fun. It is a widespread perception that attractive visuals do have huge impact in augmenting learning process. They get imprinted into one’s sensory memory for a long time. Online learning service providers have used the same principle in designing their training modules. Online learning modules incorporate enticing graphics and theory coupled with thought provoking pictures which enhance the learning outcome of an individual to the fullest.

The lms System of the training modules of these e-learning service providers helps organisations to teach their employees the basic business communication skills. This includes soft skills, organizational culture, behavioural science, psychographic science and many more. It also entails leadership skills, essence of motivation, knowledge of key drivers which lead to motivation etc. LMS System which is short of learning management system teaches employees of an organisation the vitality of perception as a concept and as a tool to cultivate creative and intuitive thinking.

These e-learning courses talk about explicitly about the common errors which management commits while conducting tasks and operations. Owing to so many benefits provided by these e-learning courses they are increasingly being adopted by organisations in order to aggrandise the productivity and enhance the learning outcome in totality.