Do you feel stuck in your current job and ready to move up?
It can be tough to rise up the corporate ladder, however if you want a job that excites you and pays well, you’ll likely have to make the climb at some point.
Getting promoted might sometimes feel like some sort of elusive mystery but it’s actually very do-able and entirely within your control.
Here are 5 top tips to make yourself promotable at work:-
1. Show humility
Some people feel and act like they already know everything!
Humble people recognise and openly admit that they’ve much more to learn, and as a result have much more potential for growth.
They’re not afraid to ask questions and they’ll take on any task they are given, believing that nothing is beneath them.
In a world filled with people who use every chance they can to broadcast how amazing they are, being humble definitely gets you noticed – and it makes you appear that much more remarkable. 
As this article I found from last year in the Huffington Post says, “it’s increasingly evident that business leaders who are capable of experiencing and demonstrating empathy, compassion, and humility have greater success. Research as well as direct business experience confirms this. One recent example is a study of 1500 leaders and their employees. It found that humble leaders who have increased self-awareness and insight experience greater commitment and performance from their employees.”
2. Be brilliant
Concentrate on doing the best you possibly can in your current position.
Excellent performance reviews aren’t sufficient to get you a promotion – but they are necessary for it. So is good attendance, punctuality and a willingness to ‘go the extra mile’ when the business needs it.
Showing up 5 minutes early and leaving 5 minutes after your shift can turn into a fortune of extra income over your lifetime when you get that promotion.
3. Groom a successor
It’s a common problem – you’re so good at your job that you’re indispensable in your current position that things would fall apart if you were to leave that position.
The solution is to take another employee under your wing and train them so that they can be ready to fill your shoes if you get promoted.
Some people worry that their understudy will take over their job, but as long as you’re a great employee and continue to develop your skills, the only way you’ll lose your current job is by getting promoted!
Training others shows that you have management potential and that you care about helping others to develop their skills.
4. Be an action-taker
People who are highly promotable don’t sit back and wait to be told to do something. They proactively seek out what needs to be done, and go ahead and do it. And they do it well.
It’s one thing to be able to come up with ideas and plans but another to put those ideas and plans into action. Actions always speak louder than words.
Promotable people know how to execute plans with effectiveness and make changes when necessary.
5. The four key principles
These four key principles will help you accomplish your career and life in general with creativity, enthusiasm and energy:-
Making a difference
Building relationships
Creating value
Promotable people are consistently doing these four things because they are passionate about their careers – and believe their professions infuse their lives with a sense of meaning and purpose.
Approach your job with these 4 qualities – with a little time and practice, one day soon, that corner office could be yours!
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