Managing a team of people or a department isn’t easy even at the best of times.

But as the world becomes increasingly global, managers often find themselves taking on responsibility for reams of individuals from a diverse range of cultures, or having to manage of a remote basis.

Can you imagine how challenging that responsibility must be this week for retailers like Asda and Sainsbury’s for example, especially if there is a demanding or complicated issue or situation in the mix, like the last minute Christmas shopping dash and the massive demand that makes to online and offline staff.

We all have massive sympathy with the customers of course, but it would be really interesting to have a behind-the-scenes insight to the retail staff and how their managers work with their teams in response:-

Here are 5 Top Tips for how to get the best from the people you manage, crisis or otherwise:-

1. Listen actively

The chances of misunderstanding and of being misunderstood are high.

We therefore need to check our understanding before we respond. Only when we prove to our team members that we have listened to them, will they be willing to listen to you: we have to win ourselves a hearing.

People don’t want to be made to understand, they want to feel that they are understood. Listening is key; if we can’t listen, we will never succeed in managing people.

2. Accept and celebrate differences

Every individual is gifted with a unique set of talents and strengths.

A good people manager looks for diversity in a team so that members complement each other.

Don’t blame the people or waste time wishing they were different.

Instead, try to understand and bridge differences. Often people are not difficult, they are just different.

3. Treat them their way

Treat people the way they (not you) want to be treated.

This is the real key to interpersonal effectiveness. Be flexible enough to be able to address different people in different ways. Remember there is nothing as unequal as treating different people equally.

And don’t only recruit people you like or you’ll end up with people like you: a recipe for an unbalanced team!

4. Unite people

Ensure that the whole team is working towards a common goal.

Involve people in developing a set of shared values and in identifying how these values can be translated into practices and behaviours.

Share as much information as possible.

Maintain an open and honest dialogue with them, particularly in times of change.

5. Be a CEO

Be a CEO. That's the ‘Chief Executive Officer.’

Never expect more from your people that you would do yourself. You cannot afford to be inconsistent and not be seen to ‘walk the talk’.

You have to be seen to be living by the values of the organisation and the team.

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