It’s no secret that mobile recruiting is on the up. In fact, mobile everything is on the up, with more and more people choosing to shop, search, chat, watch videos and read news online via their mobile or tablet, rather than on a desktop or laptop. Recruitment is no exception to this rule, with resourcing firms widely reporting that candidates are preferring to browse and apply for jobs using only their smartphone.

We’ve taken a look at our own site’s traffic, on Simply Marketing Jobs, to see exactly what the figures are like from our own candidates.

In terms of emails, we’re noticed that over 50% are opened on a mobile or tablet. Emails are no longer checked once or twice a day, with a big pile sifted through in one sitting. They are consumed one by one, immediately, or very soon after, being received. We’ve designed our emails to be responsive for some time now, to make sure all users see them at their best.

In general visitors to our site currently still prefer desktop, with 30% of visitors choosing to access the job board from a mobile or tablet. While hardly overwhelming, since this time last year there has been a 25% increase in mobile/ tablet visitors – a trend that is showing no signs of slowing down.

One reason for the majority of our visitors being desktop users could be our site’s design. It was not responsive, so viewing on a smaller screen was far from ideal. We’re pleased to announce that that is no longer the case. We have now redesigned our website with a fresh new look and a responsive design, allowing candidates to browse, view, and (most importantly) apply for jobs easily from whatever device they wish.

We expect two things from this redesign – higher mobile traffic to our site, and a better response for our employers and recruiters. In helping candidates apply whenever and wherever they are, we are helping employers find the best talent for their businesses.

Check out the new site here: