Recognise This! – Appreciation for a job well done is a powerful motivator for employees, and a key contributor to customer satisfaction.

I’ve had the privilege of being published in or quoted in a couple magazines recently. Today, I point you to those article for more information on Social Recognition and achieving customer satisfaction.

First, from Business Computing World is my article “Increasing Employee Motivation and Retention with Social Recognition.”

Here’s the summary, but do click over for the full article.

“Studies have consistently shown that when recognition is conducted strategically, it produces happier employees that generate better output, deliver improved customer service and remain in their roles for longer periods of time. Yet, recognition in the workplace is lacking, with data revealing that more than half of employees do not feel appreciated at work, while nearly a third have left a previous job due to a lack of recognition. In order to motivate employees and increase retention, businesses need to tap into the power of thanks and recognition and implement a social recognition programme that embraces the wisdom of crowds.”

Next, from CIO magazine, is “6 Ways to Anticipate, Deliver and Measure Customer Satisfaction.”

I like this article in particular because it acknowledges the social world in which we all live and work – and customers can destroy your reputation as an organisation with the simple stroke of a keyboard. While the article does give practical advice for direct customer intervention and action to ensure satisfaction, I must say I’m particularly proud to have contributed to the “heart” of customer satisfaction – making sure those who serve the customer are also happy. I’ve long said, your employees can’t offer first-class service if they do not receive first-class treatment themselves. (This book makes the point very well, too.)

“Make sure your internal customers — e.g., your salespeople and customer service agents — are happy. ‘Happy employees are more motivated and more productive, and therefore able to deliver the highest possible level of customer satisfaction,’ says Derek Irvine, vice president of Client Strategy and Consulting, Globoforce, which helps companies better connect with and recognize their employees. ‘So how do you make your employees happy? First and foremost, make sure employees feel appreciated and recognized for their work. According to Globoforce’s recent Workforce Mood Tracker survey, 86 percent of employees say being recognized for their efforts motivates them in their job,’ he explains. ‘That motivation will have a major impact on customers’ happiness and satisfaction. So say ‘thank you’ to your employees every day; your customers will reap the benefits.’”

What other ways do you recommend to motivate, appreciate and delight employees (and customers, too)?