As someone who spends a lot of time thinking I do love the fact that I get a lot of learning during exercise ie not thinking and this is no exception.

I have always believed that I would meet any target given to me at work and I always have! I also believe this positive belief has contributed to the outcome. What I hadn’t realised was how in another area of my life I wasn’t being so positive and that was leading, at best, to an inconsistent outcome!

In a conversation with a friend recently he said he had a similar positive belief when playing tennis which meant he won more games. I was astounded as I had always believed that my physical ability was fixed by my body not my head. I then started to replay some of my conversations in my personal training sessions “I can’t” “it’s impossible” “it’s hard/difficult” “but” etc.

I returned home and banished negativity about anything that I was asked to do. At the next few personal training sessions I was amazed. We’d been timing me running. For nine sessions we’d seen a general ish reduction in times but at session 10 banishing negativity speaks for itself.

I know it’s not always easy to stay positive but at least if we set the filters to be aware when we start down that less than positive path we’ll have an opportunity to avoid the creek we’re just headed towards.

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