We’re working on a new book which we are planning to launch later this year, on the subject of corporate politics, hidden agendas and manipulation in business. It’s a thorny topic, we know, and we believe that HR professionals are best placed to observe and comment on these activities. In the book, we cover three important areas:

We expose the kinds of things that happen

We calculate their actual business and financial impact

We demonstrate how readers can take control of such situations

Do you have your own stories of office politics, hidden agendas and manipulation in the workplace that you would like to see in print?

Just email your contributions to [email protected] and if we use them, you’ll receive full credit in the book unless you want to contribute anonymously, in which case let us know a pseudonym such as "Disgruntled from Staffordshire". All emails will be held in strictest confidence.

We would also be interested in conducting more in-depth interviews with a small number of contributors, so please let us know if you would also be interested in that.

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