So my love/hate affair with Lord Sugar continues.

I love him because he chose the right person, I hate him because he strikes me as possibly the worst employer I have ever heard of!

I love the way he described his responsibility to his employees as making sure "there aren’t things to trip over, they have toilets and all that…". I am telling you, he doesn’t own technology businesses; he owns cotton mills!  He truly is a dinosaur. OK, so a successful rich dinosaur, but a dinosaur nonetheless.

Let’s deal with the show tonight.  The interviews, ah, the interviews.  My scores on the doors for the interviewers are:

Claude – Completely understand why he and Lord Sugar get on so well.  Figure when they are not clobbering women over the head and dragging them back to their caves or counting the minutes between their employee comfort breaks in the toilets they kindly provide, they are both practicing being really, really rude. 2/10

Margaret – She’s lovely. 8/10

Mike – So bland I can’t even recall him. 4/10

Matthew – Loved him; loved the "elevator pitch" bit. That was like "old skool" interviewing, classic! He also probed and quizzed equally effectively as Claude, just in a way that was kind of human. 9/10

Let’s be clear though, these weren’t interviews, it was like the rest of the show; pure theatre. It added absolutely nothing to our understanding of the individuals, which is a bit of a shame and an opportunity missed.

So, to the decision.

It totally boiled down to the business ideas and Helen completely screwed it up, which of course brings us to the big FACT, despite my colleagues and I laughing, ridiculing and generally dismissing the tasks week after week, it appears the show has picked the right person.

That is, it picked the person who someone like Lord Sugar should partner with, a submissive inventor, someone whose great ideas, I am sure, he will monetise for both their gain.  Helen proved in the business case that she is not an entrepreneur, she is a great employee.  Jim proved that despite all the blarney he is a genuine guy, whose business idea had a truly altruistic nature.  Susan clearly will be successful at something, probably cosmetics, at a guess.

There is a great point in this. I have always said that people are truly brilliant when they are doing something they love.  What came out of all the business plans was what the individual was most passionate about. Why wouldn’t you start your business doing that?  I know I did.

So here’s an idea, organisations should ask their employees to write a business plan for something they would love to start doing. It would be a great way of connecting with their passion; the organisation could then find a way of harnessing these assets to improve their engagement with the employee and even improve their own business. How cool would that be?

BREAKING NEWS – I am watching the second half of the show and my theory on the submissive inventor has just come true…Lord Sugar has ditched the chair and wants to expand the "nail file" product range.  Hilarious! Lord Sugar has just bought a product/business for £250,000, incredible gall, not sure whether I should admire him or not for admitting it!

A quick last word for my wife, Melanie, who has provided valuable insight to these blog posts every week without due recognition (so she tells me), her final contribution was to shout at the screen and tell Lord Sugar to hire them both.  As she said "together they were brilliant" and they were!  Also, they could have been the first Apprentice marriage; just what every reality TV show needs!