Changes to the law governing the transfer of businesses and contracts and protection of employment (TUPE) could really demonstrate why Omni’s clients are getting their TUPE’s worth.

In a recent interview with the UK’s leading recruitment magazine, Recruiter, Omni’s Managing Director, Howard Flint, was asked to provide insight into how TUPE would impact the RPO sector. Howard asserted, that when it comes to recruitment process outsourcing, the changes will have little effect on those RPOs that can discern themselves.

Howard was quoted as saying: “For an RPO taking over a contract, the impact of the changes to TUPE will be felt most at the edges of a service, where inputs and outputs are likely to be the same from provider to provider. However, the core service an RPO provides, and where its differentiating proposition lies, is what happens between these two points. It is at those stages in the process where a provider can distinguish itself from another, and so potentially allows a new (or old) RPO to argue that their offering is dissimilar, that staff are carrying out different functions, and that TUPE should not apply.”

A demonstration that when it comes to changes around what governs compliance, we provide a strategic steer to clients. And although perhaps a stretch to say that the UK’s changing legislative landscape can provide opportunities, TUPE will amplify the benefits of partnering with RPOs that provide a level of service that goes further than reducing time to hire and cost per hire.

RPOs that can act as strategic enablers to underpin an organisation’s ability to meet its business objectives will be providing far more than what is ‘typical’ from other recruitment solution providers. This makes companies like Omni the de facto choice, almost extrinsic to the recently codified Service Provision Change (SPC) definition included in the TUPE changes. We provide the partnership required to develop a world-class recruitment process, and we do this with a team of recruitment specialists whose honed skills encompass passive and social media recruitment, employer branding and brand guardianship and recruitment technology. This takes both the skill set and activities provided by Omni and other strategic recruitment outsourcers well beyond being “fundamentally or essentially the same” (as defined by TUPE) to that being offered by those that work within an HR generalist model, be they in-house or outsourced.

The main point is that HR professionals need to be assured that when they work in partnership with RPOs they are gaining significant benefits from that relationship that go far beyond the recruitment process.

To find out more about TUPE, there is a range of Government resources that you can download from its website here.