If your company is planning an office move, or you are thinking about whether now is the right time to relocate your business, Help Moving Office has revealed some thought-provoking research which could make you re-consider your office relocation planning and strategy. 

Research reveals that on average a company will only move office once every seven years and, in 70 per cent of cases, the person assigned to manage the office move is doing so for the first time, leaving them with a real disadvantage in terms of knowing how the process works and what needs to be done.  In addition, 9 times out of 10, they will have to juggle the moving project on top of their existing role, with the result that they may struggle to find the time to fulfil either job to full potential.

Although the prospect of moving office can seem a daunting process, a clear understanding of the basic strategic and operational requirements will make the whole moving office process go more smoothly and save time. They include; where you want to move to, how much space you need, when you need to be in by, what key features you need your new office to have, what are your planned business objectives (including growth plan) the move needs to satisfy, and the type and length of lease you want.  The intelligent use of project planning documents, spreadsheets and checklists (which are all available on www.HelpMovingOffice.co.uk) will not only help you plan the office move but also act as your road map to carry out the many tasks involved with the project.

Once you know what you need to do, when and how to do it – there’s really only one thing left to ensure a smooth office relocation. And that’s to work with the right companies for the component parts of your office move. Many office moves go wrong through companies having a misplaced belief that they can save money by not engaging the services of professional help. These include a Property Consultant, Solicitor, Office fit-out and Office Removal Company and Help Moving Office can connect you with the relevant service providers in your area.

An office move may only happen once every seven years, but it’s important you get it right and not overspend because of lack of planning.  On the flip side, an office move can get companies into better, cheaper and more appropriate office space – which not only reduces overheads but also better positions them for the future.