The Royal Wedding is looming and we will soon have a new Princess!

Clarence House have been grooming Kate for this role for a while now but things have undoubtedly stepped up a gear over these last few months. Media training will be a vital part of this process for Kate as public speaking and tackling difficult situations will soon be part of every day life.

Well, actually we all have to deal with these issues in our lifetime, despite the lack of a crown and title as a reward. Instead how does the reward of a promotion sound? Media training would also be perfect for job interviews wouldn’t it?

Have you ever wondered how you come across to a job interviewer; Are you selling yourself in the best possible way? Are you conveying your message articulately? Or are you prone to stuttering?

Well, here’s a way to find out. InterviewGOLD have launched a Webcam Recording Feature that allows you to train yourself. It actually allows you to see exactly what an interviewer would see and teach yourself those vital skills in 4 simple steps: 

1. Record your answers via your webcam. Hopefully you are already mentally prepared – there are plenty of tips and sample interview answers in the InterviewGOLD programme.

2. Review your mock interview. Most people are shocked by their first attempt but the beauty of this system is that you can simply keep practicing.

3. Repeat your answers until your delivery is perfect. You should now have the confidence to tackle difficult questions head on!

4. Email the video to a friend or colleague for review. If you have applied for a job via a recruitment agency why not let your agent give you some feedback? They probably know the interviewer after all.

Remember, InterviewGOLD is also tailored to your job. You get expert advice, accurate questions and winning answers all specific to your interview. So your mock interview recordings could well be a carbon copy of the real thing. Watch the InterviewGOLD preview to find out more.