Recognise This! – Reinforcing behaviours in a timely way will always be at the top of my recognition best practices list.

Ascent Group recently came out with their annual Reward & Recognition Programme Profiles & Best Practices. The report is well worth the investment. Highlighting just a few of the key findings:

Reinforce behaviours and reward results. Recognise the right behaviours and communicate such that the employee’s behaviour becomes a model within the work group.”

When you define the behaviours that reflect your values, your employees begin to see the values come alive in their daily work.

Be timely, specific, and communicate! Make sure you recognise behaviour and reward results in a timely manner so employees know exactly why they are being recognised.”

Recognition given at the annual banquet or performance review does nothing to reinforce in the moment precisely what it is you need them to repeat. Make sure messages of recognition are specific and reference the value demonstrated.

“Match the reward to the person and the achievement.”

Every person is different. A BBQ isn’t motivating for a person who lives in a high-rise apartment building. A gift-card to a steakhouse isn’t rewarding for a vegetarian. Let your employees choose what’s personally memorable and culturally relevant for them – from 2,500 brands and 25 million options around the world.

“Involve employees in the design and refinement of your reward and recognition programmes.”

One of our 10 tactics discussed in Winning with a Culture of Recognition, involving employees – from every division, region and level – turns employees into programme evangelists, ensuring rapid programme adoption.

Don’t just offer rewards and recognition for front line employees – extend the programme to cover all employees in the department so the entire group is working towards the same goals.”

One of our 5 tenets of strategic recognition also discussed in our book, giving the opportunity to all to participate not only reinforces the needed behaviours and values across your entire workforce, but makes it possible to measure the understanding and demonstration of those values by employee, division, region and company as a whole.

“Look to technology to facilitate programme administration and tracking.”

Doing any of this strategically – especially on a global scale – is far beyond the capabilities of an Excel spreadsheet. Take advantage of our Global Strategic Recognition solution to eliminate the administrative overhead, hassle and risk associated with old-school tactical approaches to recognition and reward.

“Measure the effectiveness and impact of your reward and recognition programmes.”

Without a strong technology solution, it’s impossible to measure results. Our real-time In*telligence reports let you customise dashboards and reporting elements to deliver the status updates and success metrics your executives demand.

I encourage you to download the full report. Tell me, what other best practices would you highlight for recognition and reward programmes?

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