Joe Strummer fronted The Clash. In my opinion the finest rock band to ever walk this earth. Sadly he passed away aged 50 in 2002, just a few days before my daughter Keira was born. So, although Keira has endured the dubious honour of visting Prenton Park (the home of Tranmere Rovers, another love of mine), she will never hear the great Joe Strummer live. She proudly bears the name Joe as her middle name and as a 6 year old novice guitarist she asks fellow musicians, "Do you want to be in my Clash band?". Sorry, I’ve gone all sentimental, let’s get back on track.

Before Strummer died, he was recorded speaking about people. He understood people engagement deeply. He understood that Without People, You’re Nothing. I’ve stuck this simple, powerful, one minute speech online for you to listen to, enjoy, and hopefully act upon.

Sincerely hope you like it.


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