Recognise This! – Employees happy with their work are still looking to leave because they aren’t being used to their fullest ability or getting the feedback they need.

More and more evidence is piling up that employees content in their jobs are still looking to leave – even in this economic environment. Just a couple of weeks ago I wrote about Accenture research showing that engaged employees are still a flight risk.

In June, Lumesse released a Global Workplace Survey showing much the same thing – employees like their work and company, but are still seeking to leave.

Just a few key findings of the research:

What does this tell me? Employees may like their company, work and co-workers, but they have little sense of the value of what they do within the “big picture” and they know they have more to offer. So these solid, reliable workers are hoping to move to a new organisation that will:

  1. Put their skills to better use
  2. Give the employees the feedback they need.

This challenge could be easily overcome by incorporating strategic recognition into performance management strategies (see my recent eBook on the topic). This approach of social performance management clearly and frequently communicates to employees:

  1. What it is the company needs them to do (strategic objectives/the “big picture”)
  2. The way in which the company wants the employee to do it (the company values)
  3. The feedback employees need in the form of frequent recognition from peers and colleagues alike for a true 360°, 365-day-a-year performance review.

Where do you stand? Do you like your job, yet would be willing to leave in the next few years?

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