The recent release of the Warner Brothers movie ‘Horrible Bosses’ showed both a hilarious and dramatic portrayal of the daily trials and tribulations employees experience with particular bosses. Excluding the Hollywood glamour and exaggerated storylines, research from online bank First Direct revealed that over 7 million UK workers have moved jobs in an attempt to find a better boss, this leaves  the question ‘what do we want from a boss?’

A recent article in Personnel Today entitled ‘Managers’ poor communication blamed for low staff motivation’ highlighted key attributes which are sought after in a senior manager. A survey carried out by European Leaders revealed that over 68% of respondents failed to understand their company vision due to the lack of communication from their senior managers. Not only does this result in a significant loss in staff morale and production but it is having a rippling effect in staff retention. The severe shortage in communication, drive and creativity from managers is clearly evident, reinforcing the need to motivate! The same survey found that over 64% of respondents claimed they would work more efficiently if motivation improved.

Senior managers are accustomed to getting lost under piles of paperwork, hours of meetings and pages of protocol and forget how to engage with their employees. European Leaders found that 38% of respondents think a good manager embraces new ideas and encourages creativity. Managers need to work collectively, think of new ways to present company targets and inject some vibrancy and creativity back into business. With the current climate keeping company spending on a tight  leash there’s no better time to improve communication, enhance non-fiscal motivators and change the regimented and  conventional managerial attitude which so many adopt.

An article in The Guardian titled ‘Best Boss Award: does your manager deserve the title?’ in January 2011 promoted the First Direct ‘Best Boss Awards’. 83% of First Direct respondents said that approachability is the most sought after characteristic in a Manager, closely followed by being a good communicator with 82%. The Best Boss Awards reiterate the need to show your staff you care and improve motivation and reward and recognition schemes. First Direct revealed that a mere 16% of respondents believe their manager rewards productivity and creativity successfully and a depressing 12% said they found their boss uninspiring. With statistics like these it’s no wonder so many of us can relate to films like ‘Horrible Bosses’, but it’s not too late! Transform your managerial style and invest in a refreshing motivation scheme. With the Best Boss Awards 2012 in sight loosen your corporate harness and let your creative side do the talking!