With the holiday season upon us, and the winter bringing with it the usual raft of cold and flu-related workplace absence, have you ever considered the financial impact that absence actually has on your business?

An Office of National Statistics survey suggestis that the largest workforces report the highest levels of sickness, it is clear that effective absence management could have significant bottom line benefits for large businesses.

But it’s not just the direct employee costs, the detrimental effects extend beyond just lost productivity. The cost of employee absence manifests itself in multiple ways, including:

Ultimately, these types of issues reduce efficiency and have a significant impact on revenue, profit and a businesses ability to create a competitive edge.

Resources are critical to businesses all year round, be it peak or off-peak. Absence management is one of the key levers of efficient resource planning and invariably employers will need to make some adjustments to reduce its impact on revenue and profits.

In the latest aCloud TeamSeer whitepaper, we uncover 10 ways that you can improve the process of managing absence and minimise impact on core business processes.

The whitepaper recommends using an affordable and scalable cloud solution, with access to real-time data and mobile capability. It also highlights how managing absence more efficiently can give business leaders the resources and data to make better business decisions and improve overall business performance.

It also looks at the issue of safety and security of HR data and the integration of absence data with existing admin tools and finance systems.

About aCloud TeamSeer

aCloud TeamSeer is a leading absence management software solution used by organisations around the world. It is proven to reduce the admin burden, with HR teams, employees and managers all seeing a reduction in admin time of up to 85%. TeamSeer drastically simplifies absence management and many of our customers see a reduction in employee absence of up to 25%.

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