Finding the right candidate for the right job has always been one of the critical job challenge for HR professionals. While conventional methods have paid off pretty well, HR Personnel are now taking new and digitally advanced solutions to ensure they grab the best match.

Social media recruitment is one such modern way to finding the right talent to satisfy the recruitment process. In a surprising way, over half of the reputed organizations are already using social media for their recruitment and hiring processes.

There are many other advantages associated with the integration of social media with HR Department. Collectively known as Social HR, many functions take advantage from social media including employee engagement, competitiveness assessment, job satisfaction assessment and more.

Why social HR is beneficial for employers?

While traditional methods had a limited reach, methods like social HR brings in a wider approach towards recruitments in an organization. Breaking the cliché it allows to connect with a wider target audience, reform better recruitment strategies, engage with brighter candidates and enhance brand awareness in masses to ensure more people show up for the recruitment drive.

Moreover, with social media HR, it becomes easier for existing employees to offer referrals. This further expand the reach beyond geographical boundaries and make sure that more people that are talented know about your brand and approach you for a job.

Social Media for HR & Recruitment:

There is a lot that companies can reap from social media and HR integration. It not only helps in streamlining a variety of recruitment functions but also help in reaching talented people who can be an asset for the organization, even if they aren’t looking for a job change. It has a wider reach and thus it works incredible to improve job posting, making connection with candidates and answering queries.

HR professionals who enjoy experimenting with technology have a diverse portfolio of social profiles with Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr in their list already, they use such platforms to build a stronger brand image and spread the word. Moreover, a strong profile also help you in landing to the top list of prospective companies that allures the interest of job seekers.

Social recruiting strategy for business:

There is more to social HR than building a profile. Just like any other processes, social recruiting to demands a futuristic social HR strategy. Here are some important steps to it:

1. Goal identification:

What are the outcomes that you are expecting from your social media profile? You must pen down the current, short-term and long-term goals from social recruiting.

2. Documenting a guide:

You must make a statement with details of job seekers expectations from the company and company’s expectations in return.

3. Educate your audience:

You need to be descriptive about your organizational culture. Include details like- the USP of the company, existing employees’ testimonials, and lucrative offerings for employees.

4. Enlist your existing employees:

When you are targeting the talent pool, you must add short description of employees who are the best in your organization.

The strategy can be implemented across all the social media accounts of the company. However, it is important that you keep the content of your accounts fresh and engaging. Using some tactics can further help you in making more alluring posts and job shout outs. You can use Facebook Market or search for best suitable Instagram caption examples to include in your posts.

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