Brain shower a wee tad little bit! Better still, Picture this for a while! This certainly goes by without saying that a Valentine’s Day gift for him or her, whether formally or informally, can be cherry – picked with an aesthetic presence of mind. It can actually go on to create great bonding at the workplace. What is more? These generous actions can impeccably express priceless appreciation towards your colleague, or for that matter, fellow worker.

All said and done, one wrong message being sent or received, either way that is — no matter how individually experienced — can actually go on to plant seeds that bring about fresh tension or might run the risk of putting your career at stake.

Go Figure out for yourself! This Valentine’s Day, just wipe that golden bead of sweat off your workaholic brow as embarking on a gifting quest meant for your valued colleague is an uphill and cumbersome task in itself, but then again, having said that, these HR- sanctioned pointers can actually help you get expertly started on your mission.

As a Thumb Rule of sorts (Lest you Forget some Handy Almanac, or for that matter, a Ready Reckoner, either!) get a hang of the Office Culture which is trademark and peculiar to your work place, Mr. Workaholic! Harmless is the act of leaning on these, viz:-

Let’s play the Dicey Game of some Red Roses? Any Takers?

Petals, Petals everywhere? The timeless Novelty and gift meant for Valentine couples, delightful arrangement of flowers can also be handed over to colleagues and co workers, it is just that you have to keep your aesthetic presence of mind while handing over delightful bouquets of fragrant flowers, here, don’t end up complicating and knotting things up, just keep yourself open for an arrangement that doesn’t hover around Romantically drawn lines, a basket full of lilies shall hold good, in here.

Red roses are a big no no here! As indulging in this variety of Flowers might just end up conveying the wrong message.

Sublime Pampering is on its way…Any Indulges there? 

In this space, fetch some Gifting Coupons that will land your coworker to some Wellness center or Exotic Spa. Needless to say, this way around, they can actually go on to rejuvenate their tired senses and add vigour, appetite and zest for productive work at the office.

Beloved Sir! Pay heed to that Sugary Tooth, Will You? 

Confectioneries and hand – made or imported Boxes of Chocolates stand as a quintessential Valentine’s Day themed Gift, the stress – busting Dark Chocolates can further given to the entire office fraternity besides a single colleague or a worker.

Digitally encapsulating your Precious Colleague!

Put your aesthetics to test this Valentine’s Day by framing your Colleague in digitally embossed and captured frames of rich quality. He or she (with regard to the Office Bonding you go on to share!) would indeed be delighted by witnessing themselves being hung on the Decorative wall or put atop that table.

Valued Gifter … Are you Game for some Corporate Chic?

The Leather bound Diaries, Files, followed by Folders and Planners along with stainless key chains and some finely finished writing tools as premium pen sets shall indeed serve as a style statement this Valentine’s day besides being resourceful for your Fellow Colleague or Coworker. 

Generous Dollops of Amicability and Goodwill laden Warmth

Sometimes a personalized sticky note message written in your own handwriting which goes on to speak volumes about your Goodwill like bond with your Coworker works wonders even in an eventful occasion as Valentine’s Day.

Neat Jewelries, Charms and Knick – Knacks

You may very well place the order for some aesthetic, exquisite and modern Jewelry meant for your Male or Female Co – Worker. The Modern Concept jewelry available at a click of your harmless mouse in the e – gifting portals works just fine in this regard.

Some Immaculate Food and Beverage Keepers

Who said that Tiffin Boxes and Beverage Flasks aren’t Corporate Chic or Cool enough to be gifted on Valentine’s Day? They can serve the food requirements (Preserving, for one!) of your Valued Colleague and Precious Coworker.

We are familiar with the fact that we eat, pray and love to glory’s way in a Cosmopolitan aura and ambiance, for that matter. Times have changed. It’s not awkward or embarrassing an act to be able to actually think out – of – the box on an Eventful Occasion as Valentine’s Day. Please show some generous dollops of graciousness, creativity, and aesthetics and brilliantly paint the Colors of Valentine’s day all bright! All said and done, we all are well versed with the Beatles song anyways – All we need is Love? Aren’t we?