What does Social Media mean for HR? Well, to begin with, it’s going to be part of our working life whether we’ll like it or not and HR professionals can only take advantage (and reap the benefits) from this unwavering form of communication.

Social media has come a long way since its tentative launch 10 years ago.  A few sites out there rocketed the social media platform to new heights and since then, businesses and the public alike have been keen to get to grips with this medium. It didn’t take long for companies to realise that you don’t just have to be “social” out of work hours and in fact, bringing social media into the workplace can have its benefits. HR departments are taking the initiative and looking at different ways social media can be used to improve employee engagement, increase external and internal business communication, assist with relationship/network building as well as a plethora of other advantages. 
As an HR executive have a think about how your organisation can embrace the SoMe phenomenon internally. Or what tools there are to help increase employee and HR communication. What about the commercial value, can increased social media activity create more? There are lots of things to think about and many areas where social media can be of a benefit; what can it do for you?
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